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Sunday, January 26, 2003
It was for me a great surprize your information at Internet that more than a
million Jews were officially enrolled in the fighting forces of the Allies
during the Second world war.
I have great desire if you can give me more evidence for this fact or
more guarantee.
A week ago I was discussing this fact with director Education and
culture center of the Jewish Museum in Prague. I asked him to verify this fact
by you.
As I belong to Jewish child survivors of the Holocaust. I interest for that
time. Now sometimes with cold mind but it is not easy to have in balance heart
and head when I return in that time. I proof surely everything and everybody
namely in this matter.
That's the reason of my e-mail.
Love and blessing you and your nears...


Thank you for your Email.

The figures you mention are accurate. My source was Page 786 of "A History of
the Jews" (The Jewish Publication Society of America. Philadelphia.1968) by
Solomon Grayzel:"Jews in the Allied Armies:More than a million Jews were
officially enrolled in the fighting forces of the nations opposed to Germany.

They were divided by country as follows:
United States(Total Jewish population 4,770,000), Number in Service:550,000.
Russia(Total Jewish population 3,000,000), Number in Service:500,000.
Great Britain(Total Jewish population 300,000),Number in Service:60,000.
Canada(Total Jewish population 170,000),Number in Service:17,000.
South Africa(Total Jewish population 90,000),Number in Service:10,000.
These numbers do not include the many thousands of Jews who fought in the
armies of other allies or who were active in the resistance movements in
France,Italy,and elsewhere,or the remarkable contribution of the Jews of

There is an estimate that 200,000 Jews served in the Polish army against the
Nazis in 1939, but it is not clear. Here is another estimate of Jewish POW's
KILLED by the NAZIS, about 200,000 Allied Jewish soldiers, see;


See:"Besides, almost a million Jews served in the Allied armies all around the
world" and the Jewish volunteers from Palestine, at:


By the way,out of the Palestine's war-time Jewish population of 600,000 Jews,
about 35,000 served in various branches of the British Army, eventually forming
the official Jewish Brigade of Palestine with about 5,000 soldiers.


I do not understand why you are so surprised.
During the War conscription was COMPULSORY in the Unite States and in Russia,
and Jews were called up to do their duty like all other citizens of these
During World War ONE, there were about 250,000 Jews in the German and Austro-
Hungarian Armies and the Central Powers. And Of course there was a higher
number of Jews who served in the forces of the Allies of Russia, Britain,
France, Italy,United States,Canada,Australia, and South Africa.

If you do a search on Google you can find more sources.
I found a University report at


that states that there were, 1,750,000 Jews in the Armies of the Allies, which
is an increase of about 700,000 from the above figures of a million.

Here is an assumption the 1,500,000 Jews served in the Allied armies:
"TORONTO - The proprietors of a planned museum near Jerusalem that will honour
the 1.5 million Jewish soldiers who fought for Canada and other Allied armies
in World War II are seeking memoirs, diaries and pictures from Canadian Jewish
veterans." See:


See also : Over one million Jewish men fought as soldiers with the Allied
armies. But the symbol of Jewish resistance remains the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising,
an event which the SS immortalized with an illustrated report for their own
glorification. At:


As you can see from the selection of the above quotes IT IS UNIVERSALLY KNOWN
that OVER a million Jews served as soldiers in the Allied armies,and some
estimates even go as high as almost two million, counting the captured and
killed Jewish soldier-prisoners of the Russian,French, Polish,
Hungarian,Greek,Yugoslav,armies that all had many Jewish soldiers taken
prisoner and killed by the Nazis.

If you want absolutely exact official figures you will have to contact the
United States embassy, and the Russian embassy, and the British embassy to get
the exact official numbers.
I wish you well.

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