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Thursday, March 06, 2003

Hi ,
You are ever the devoted person and faith and theologian.
There is a famous 40 days in the Bible, Book of Exodus as a matter of fact, that tells that Moses went up onto Mount Sinai for 40 days and 40 nights, where he neither ate or drank, but was in complete communion with God. The Children of Israel were instructed to stay away from the Mountain as God's Presence had descended upon it. At the conclusion of the 40 days and nights, God gives Moses the Two Tablets of stone that were carved out by God an on which are inscribed TEN COMMANDMENTS which were etched by the Finger of God.
The Ten Commnandments are the key and core of the entire Moral Tradition , and Revolution, that monotheistic Judaism gives to the world via the descendents of the Children of Israel, the Jewish People.

At this time Judaism is also beckoning with the festivals of Spring. The current Hebrew month which just commenced is Adar , and the Jewish Sages teach, that "When Adar Enters We Increase Our Joy", one of the reasons for this is that in the middle of Adar , there is the Jewish festival of Purim which commemorates the downfall of Haman and the triumph of Esther and Mordekhai in the Persian Empire 2,500 years ago as recorded in the Scroll of Esther.
The month of Adar is followed by the month of Nisan in the middle of which is the festival of Passover, celebrating and commemorating the freedom from slavery that the children of Israel gained at the time of the Exodus over 3,300 years ago as recorded in the book of Exodus.
These are the festivals of the Spring, and they are joyous times for Jews, in fact eulogies at funerals are shortened and there is an atmosphere of anticipating the redemption.
The rabbis teach that the first redemption (meaning the Exodus) happened during Nisan , and that this is a prophetic sign that the Final Redemption will also occur in NIsan
(It is not a co-incidence that the followers of Jesus believe that his "last supper" was a Passover celebration, and this basically the saga of his death and ressurection is actually structured around Passover as the first Christians were all Jews and they went by the teachings that the "redemption" was to take place during Passover and that they had experienced it.Anyhow, this is the time that Jesus' movement is "introduced" to the world, unlike Christmas which only celebrates his birth as a baby.)
Anyhow, I see that life seems to be on a more even keel for you. Hope it continues so.
Best wishes,
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