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Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Secular Israelis oppose Othodox Jews, yet they can't seem to get enough of them on film...!
"Campfire' sweeps 3 Ophirs"
By Goel Pinto
Tue., September 28, 2004 Tishrei 13, 5765

The Israeli Academy of Film and Television awarded its annual Ophir Prizes last night in Tel Aviv.

Medorat Hashevet (Campfire), about the crises of an ultra-Orthodox family, won three prizes, including best film, best director (Joseph Cedar) and best supporting actress (Hani Furstenberg).

The Ophir for best actor went to Shuli Rand for his leading role in Ha'ushpizin (about a secular Israeli who becomes an ultra-Orthodox Jew). Best actress was Dana Ivgi for her role in "Or," outranking Ronit Alkabetz in "Velakhta Isha" (To Take a Wife).

Dana's father Moshe Ivgi won best actor in a supporting role in "Metallic Blues."

The best cinematography prize went to "Atash." Two Ophirs went to "Walk on Water" - best composer (Ivri Lider) and best soundtrack.

Best documentary award went to "Et She'ahava Nafshi" (Keep Not Silent), about three ulta-Orthodox lesbians.

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